On behalf of Lithuanian Aikido AIKIKAI Federation – we would like to kindly invite You to the
12th International Aikido seminar led by AIKIKAI Hombu Dojo instructor – Shigeru SUGAWARA (Shihan, 7th Dan).

Those who wish to attend the seminar, we kindly ask to register before September 22.
Registration is obligatory.


Shigeru Sugawara -EN

Shigeru SUGAWARA (Shihan, 7th Dan) is AIKIKAI Hombu Dojo instructor.
Sugawara Sensei have been led the trainings in AIKIKAI Hombu Dojo – more than 30 years: many years Sensei was leading teacher in Hombu Dojo children, teenagers and beginners groups, at the moment he is a Head of Instructors Department in Hombu Dojo and teaching regular classes. Every year thousands of Aikido practitioners take part in the seminars led by S. Sugawara Sensei in many countries worldwide: Japan, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Armenia, Poland, Russia and etc. and get a lot of knowledge in uke and nage movement nuances. Recent seminars in Lithuania each time collected more than 100 participants.